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Our Goal = Making your business more profitable

ILS is the only Consulting & Management Firm dedicated to helping you manage your laundry and linen service. Our goal is simple. ILS will find and deliver savings in your laundry and linen service and will make sure that those savings last!

ILS saves our clients 30-50% of what they were spending on their laundry program. We have saved our clients millions of dollars at no cost to them.

The laundry companies have their best interest in mind when they propose a laundry program. Before ILS, businesses had to rely on the laundry companies for cost effective solutions.

At ILS, our job is to reduce your total industrial laundry expense while improving the service you receive from your laundry service provider. GUARANTEED! ILS guarantees that if we don't deliver the savings, then no fees are due. We put it in writing and stand behind our pledge to you. We are driven by Results!

Pay for Results

target100We only get paid if we save you money on your monthly industrial laundry costs.

No Savings = No Fees! 

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Real Savings

ssave moneyOur industrial laundry cost audits often save clients 30-50% on their laundry expenses.

Our Clients = Savings! 

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Running Restaurants Highlights ILS

RunningRestaurants.com interviews Darren from ILS about money saving opportunities from an innovative linens program. Click here to learn more about ILS and why runningrestaurants.com has chosen to highlight ILS

What value can a laundry cost audit bring to your business?

  • Dramatic Cost Savings - Historical laundry invoice audit delivers significant company cost savings
  • Financial Tracking - ILS Invoice Savings Generator demonstrates ongoing laundry cost savings.
  • Solve Billing Problems - Investigation and resolution of laundry billing issues.
  • Simplicity - Organization and control of your laundry invoices and billing process.
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